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Vol. II
The villain who kidnapped the beautiful Princess has escaped into outer space. But he lost an unusual box with a cipher. This is a hint!
Incredibly detailed puzzle, arcade games, intricate missions and an exciting story — all in one! Get ready for a space adventure with a unique format!
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A team of brave adventurers is taking the road. A mysterious signal leads them to an extraordinary Cosmic galaxy where 4 factions live and rule.
How does it work
What is inside
About the team
Open the box and solve the puzzle
Assemble 3D spaceship models
Read a message from Prince Unidragon
Examine the logbook and get ready for an adventure
Earn the trust of
all factions
Only by gaining recognition from all factions can you defeat the villain
Fight the villain in the final battle in space
They will help you to open
the mysterious object
A puzzle of 1000 unique pieces
Illustration by Japanese IC4Design studio
An exciting quest of 30+ tasks
6 mini-puzzles
4 arcade and classic games
Space Logbook
Up to 10 hours of adventure
Play alone or in the company of up to 4 people
4 3D spaceship constructors;
Cryptex Puzzle;
The puzzle lock on the box
Make it Happen!
Illustration by Japanese studio IC4Design
Solve the puzzle
to see an incredible
Tasks from the factions will bring you hints, weapons, and bonus artifacts
Military empire
A force to be reckoned with.
Its policy is based on tactical
operations and the use of force.
Happy Republic
Diplomats and politicians.
This faction creates strong alliances and seeks allies.
Trade Federation
Merchants and adventurers. The only ones in space who are in contact with other factions. Here you can have fun
and buy any product.
Magical enclave
Keepers of knowledge and secrets. Its representatives explore the secrets of the galaxy and its artifacts.
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Puzzle. Quest. Arcade game.
QUEZZLE is a unique format. It was invented by the UNIDRAGON team in 2019, and was depicted by the famous Japanese studio IC4Design.
The first part of QUAZZLE raised more than $400,000 on Kickstarter. The project was supported by more than 2,000 people. Over the year we sold more than 5.5 thousand copies of the Quazzle Amazing Cappadocia.
QUAZZLE has been acknowledged with many prestigious awards. There are the design awards NYX Awards 2022 and Three x Three International Illustrator Awards 2022 among them. And we were also shortlisted for the remarkable competition the Art Directors Club in the field of design and creativity.
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